VersoFest - Music Oral History: Miriam Linna, interviewed by Christine Ohlman


Music Oral History: Miriam Linna, interviewed by Christine Ohlman - 1pm

The legendary Miriam Linna will join VersoFest for a live Connecticut music oral history, in conversation with Beehive Queen and resident SNL singing tour de force Christine Ohlman.

Linna is a founding member of the Cramps, co-founder with her late husband Billy Miller of leading primitive/garage/punk/R&B label Norton Records and hip pocket paperback publisher Kicks Books, as well as mastermind of Kicksville Radio, dedicated to 24/7 broadcasting of the lost heroes of rock n' roll. She cohosts the weekly radio show Crashing The Party with Marc Miller, which excavates the wild, wild world of doo-wop.

Ohlman’s stunning Joshie Jo Armstead music oral history was attended by tri-state area rock ‘n’ roll glitterati and highly regarded as one of VersoFest 2022’s best offerings. This past year has been a banner year for Ohlman and Verso Studios with a rave winter dance party and a sold-out Mark Naftalin Blue Sunday concert slot with Willie J. Laws.

Ohlman has most recently been heard and seen in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time in Hollywood (in a guest-vocal turn on the Rolling Stones’ classic cut “Out of Time”), as the emcee of the historic 2022 Celebration of Life in NYC for the late Ronnie Spector, and in a series of concerts with the keyboard wizard of LA’s Wrecking Crew, Don Randi. In 2017, she was inducted into the National Blues Hall of Fame of American Heritage International.

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