VersoFest - Steve Di Costanzo


CHRIS FRANTZ  Talking Heads, in conversation with WPKN General Manager STEVE DI COSTANZO

Steve di Costanzo is the General Manager for WPKN 89.5 FM radio. WPKN is an independent, listener supported community radio station, which has been broadcasting from downtown Bridgeport CT since 1963. The station reaches Connecticut, Long Island, parts of New York and Massachusetts. WPKN offers a unique and eclectic mix of live and recorded music, news, public affairs, spoken word, arts & culture and other free-form programming which defy genre. The mission of WPKN is to strengthen and enrich the community through programming that is provocative, innovative, and free from commercial influence, promoting diversity, tolerance, and freedom of expression.

As General Manager, Steve fills a position that calls for an odd assortment of skill sets that he’s acquired from earlier careers in banking, magazine sales and trade publication/ association management. He also has the privilege of hosting the station’s dynamic and ever-surprising Tuesday morning drivetime program, “Radio Base Camp”, focusing on new releases and old gems across many genres - heavy on psych, garage, indie, funk and soul, Afro-beats, and world sounds from Jamaica to Morocco.

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