Verso Studios User Agreement


Verso Studios

The media studio suite located within the Library shall be referred to as Verso Studios and consists of The Forum, Audio Control Room, Video Control Room, Post-Production Suite, Mobile Podcast Station, the Makerspace, and other creative program spaces. Verso Studios is not a legal entity independent of the Library.


Verso Studios offers free and low-cost media training sessions and workshops to provide access to all. The media training schedule for prospective users is available on the Verso website or by contacting [email protected].

Experienced Users

Experienced users, such as local professionals, are eligible to bypass required training by proving proficiency for each desired Verso Studios facility through an interview with the appropriate Manager. The Library is the final determinant of whether a User is proficient. Contact [email protected] or call 203-291-4828 for pre-certification.                   

Code of Conduct

Users are prohibited from using Verso Studios equipment in any manner that interferes with Library services and operations, or which may constitute a threat to the safety of people or property. All users and their associates must comply with The Westport Library Code of Conduct.

Age Policy

Users under 18 years of age must have a parent or guardian co-sign the required User Agreement and they may have limited access to Verso Studios resources.

  • Users 14-17 years of age will be permitted to independently reserve, book, and work without parental supervision.
  • Users under 14 years of age must be supervised by a parent or guardian during all sessions.


A reservation is required for use of the post-production studio. Follow this link to reserve your spot Book a Room | The Westport Library or go to the Library scheduling system by clicking the scheduling icon on the main page of The Westport Library website.

For Podcasting or use of the SSL room contact [email protected]; for Video usage contact [email protected].; for general enquiries contact [email protected].


Post-production suite:

Commercial is defined as a for-profit venture promoting goods and/or services, providing a significant profit.

Education is defined as any project associated with a learning institution or instructive learning exercise.

Arts is defined as any project within or supporting the artistic realm (i.e., video, podcast, music).

Nonprofit is defined as an agency, group, or individual with 501C3 status, or an endeavor that does not provide a significant profit or sustainable, supportive income.

Westport residents; all arts, nonprofits, educators (individuals/organizations):
- 4-hour daily blocks free, limited to 12 hours per week
- Additional time $25/hour

Commercial Users:
- $50/hour

Recording studio

Visit the Verso Studios website or contact [email protected].

Forum, Komansky Room, and other Verso Spaces

Call 203-291-4824 or email [email protected].

Fees will be determined based on users’ specific needs.

Entry and Departure

Users must present themselves with valid proof of identification at the Patron Services Desk prior to their reserved time. Setup and breakdown times are considered part of the scheduled time slot and must not exceed the reservation time.

Personal Equipment and Data

Verso Studios highly recommends the usage of external hard drives when working in the production suite. All locally stored files are deleted on a weekly basis.

The Library is not responsible for: (a) the loss, theft, copying, deletion, or damage of the Users’ personal data; and/or (b) the storage, organization, or long-term management of any such data. The Library may, at its sole discretion, reformat, restore, clean, update, or otherwise wipe drives, desktops, and other local elements or devices. Automated updates may also be scheduled that can cause member-generated media to be eliminated from a device, card, flash drive, hard drive, or workstation. Similarly, the Library is not responsible for the Users’ personal property.


The Library has installed security mechanisms to optimize the security of its data, software, and hardware. No software from any source may be downloaded or installed on any equipment without the Library’s prior consent. Users that attempt to defeat Library security will be liable to the Library for monetary damages and your access will be terminated.

Damaged or Stolen Equipment

If Verso Studios equipment is damaged, lost, or stolen during a User’s reservation or while checked out to a User, the User will be liable for any loss or damages, whether caused by that User or a third party. In addition to the right to suspend Library privileges, the Library may initiate litigation to ensure repayment.

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