Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials


The Westport Library offers a broadly based and diverse collection of resources to satisfy the community's intellectual curiosity, provide enjoyment, and enhance the quality of life for all ages.

The Library has a responsibility to serve the whole public, and with that comes the responsibility to try to serve as many needs and interests as possible. All materials are chosen according to a selection policy that is guided by the Library Bill of Rights.


If a patron objects to the presence of any material in the Library’s collection material, the patron has a right to submit a complaint which will be given due consideration.

If a patron elects to register a formal complaint about an item in the Library, the patron may request a copy of the form “Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials.” This completed form should be submitted to the Library Director, who will follow the procedure set forth in the “Westport Library Request for Reconsideration Procedure”.

Parents are solely responsible for what their children accesses at the library or borrow from the collection regardless of whether a parent is present.

May 2017

Challenged Materials Policy

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