Art At The Library

Westport has a rich heritage as an artists' community, which continues today with a vibrant, local arts scene. Our goal is to honor this legacy by making the arts accessible to everyone.

Our three galleries of rotating exhibits provide visitors with the opportunity to experience original work by local artists. The Library's permanent art collection and ongoing arts programming further demonstrate our deep commitment to the local and regional arts community.

Featured exhibits change on a regular basis. If you would like to suggest an idea for an exhibit, please review the Exhibit Inquiry Guidelines.

Current Exhibits in Residence

Currently on display from March 12, 2024 to June 10, 2024

Finely Tuned: Paintings by Marlene Siff

Scheherazade: Storyteller
Mixed Media Works by Camille Eskell

Art Of The Album: And All That Jazz
From the Collection of Mark & Ellen Naftalin

Thinking Inside The Box
VersoFest-Inspired Installation by 21 Local Artists

Artwork by Marlene Siff

Finely Tuned

Paintings by Marlene Siff

Sheffer Gallery: March 15 through June 10

Reception: Sunday, May 5, 2-4 pm (reception: 2-3 pm; talk: 3-4 pm)

Timed to coincide with VersoFest, each of the five large dimensional works in Finely Tuned, paintings by Marlene Siff— Fanfare, Crescendo, Legato, Elegy, and Fugue — is named for, and linked to, a specific expression found in music. Visitors to the gallery will be able to scan a QR code next to each piece and listen to the musical selections that the artist used as inspiration.

Artwork by Camille Eskell

Scheherazade: Storyteller
Mixed media works by Camille Eskell

South Gallery: March 16 through June 10

Reception: Wednesday, May 1, 6-8 pm (reception: 6-7 pm; talk: 7-8 pm)

Award-winning artist Camille Eskell customarily explores self-perception, societal attitudes, and psychological states related to gender bias in her work. As a first-generation American and the youngest of three daughters from a Middle Eastern Iraqi-Jewish family from Mumbai (Bombay), her purpose has been to examine her cultural history and familial heritage through a feminist lens in her work.

Art of the Album: And All That Jazz

From the collection of Mark & Ellen Naftalin

Jesup Gallery: March 16 through June 10

From the collection of Ellen and Mark Naftalin, this exhibit features album covers of some of the pioneering jazz musicians who changed the face and sound of American music forever.

Thinking Inside the Box

Thinking Inside the Box
Installation by 21 Local Artists

Jesup Gallery: March 16 through June 10

Reception: March 21, 6-8 pm (reception: 6-7 pm; talk: 7-8 pm)

This VersoFest, be sure to explore the Library’s first mixed-media art installation, Thinking Inside the Box. Born from an idea put forward by artist and author Melissa Newman, Thinking Inside the Box isa unique installation that brings together more than 20 artists from around the area to create original works that will be displayed in the central grandstand in the Library’s Trefz Forum.

Art Events at the Library

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