Board of Trustees

The Westport Library Association is incorporated under the laws of Connecticut for the purpose of maintaining a public library. The library is administered by the Executive Director in accordance with policies established by the Board of Trustees. At present, there are 20 members of the Board, half of whom are appointed by the Representative Town Meeting and half of whom are appointed by the Board itself.

Role of Trustees

  1. Believe in and be an active advocate for the mission and vision of the library including the proposed major Library Transformation Project.
  2. Adhere to a high standard of ethical conduct.
  3. Contribute to the effective operation of the Board.
  4. Regularly attend Board and committee meetings and actively engage in those meetings.
  5. Attend Library programs and fund-raising events.
  1. Identify and cultivate relationships to support the library.
  2. Contribute personal and professional expertise for the benefit of the library.
  3. Financially contribute to the library and assist in all fund-raising efforts.
  4. Avoid conflicts of interest and keep the Board apprised of any conflicts, whether they are real or perceived.
  5. Self-evaluate performance and step down if unable to fulfill expectations.

2024-2025 Board Members

Pat Wieser
Robert Boroujerdi
Sr. Vice President
Melissa Banks
Ben Chan
Scott Bennewitz
Chair, Finance Committee
Randy Herbertson
Co–Chair, Development Committee
Mark Silverstein
Co–Chair, Development Committee
Martina Sze
Chair, Governance and Nominations Committee
Anna Alemani
Andrea Berkley
Dave Briggs
Sheri Gordon
Kathleen Guion
Celeste LaCroix
Jay Norris
Krishna Patel
Jeremy Price
Liza Van Gundy
Andrew Wilk
Peter Zakowich

Meeting Minutes

Click a date below to download a PDF of the meeting minutes.
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