Thanks for your interest in presenting at the Westport Library (as a program, or a podcast, or a performance!).

The Library strives to ensure that we are offering a broad range of quality programs to meet the needs of a diverse audience. In line with this, we have established a Program Review Committee to review all program requests against our program vision and strategic goals.

Please provide complete responses to the following questions in order to help the Review Committee fully understand the program you would like to implement or see implemented so they can make as informed a decision as possible. Being thoughtful about filling out this form will also help create the best program possible for approved programs and will help the Library’s team prepare and market the program to the best of our ability.

Once the form is submitted, it will be reviewed by the Review Committee, if there are any questions, a member of our Program team will be in touch with you. If not, we will be in touch to provide feedback once this program request has been reviewed.

Program Approval Form

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