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June 14, 2016

The Artist-in-Residence is a one-year program designed to enhance the Library’s existing connection with the arts and to invite patrons of all ages to explore the arts in various ways. In addition to developing innovative programming. Westport illustrator and graphic artist Miggs Burroughs will spend the year working with Library staff and community members, local artists and arts organizations to increase our engagement with and understanding of the arts.

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Westport illustrator and graphic artist Miggs Burroughs will be the new Artist-in-Residence, and among the programming plans are an oral history project, visiting artists working in pop-up studios in the Library, a monthly art challenge with an announced theme where creations by the community will be displayed, artist get-togethers to discuss issues and problems in making art, and workshops for kids, teens and adults.

Burroughs’ first official duty was to serve as judge for the Library’s 4th annual Teen Photography Contest. The winners’ work was exhibited in the Riverwalk Hallway from July 15-August 31. The first art challenge will be an “Artist’s Selfie,” which can be drawn or painted on a 6x6" canvas (available in the Library store) and submitted at the Artist-in-Residence booth at the Arts Festival or at the Library until August 8.

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