Come Read With Us: Westport Library Adult Summer Reading Challenge and Kids’ Summer Reading Club Start June 1

Fri, May 31, 2024
EJ Crawford
The Westport Library Summer Reading Challenge 2024

The start of June means summer is on the horizon, and The Westport Library has a pair of challenges to make sure any and every reader — of any and every age — has the opportunity to bury their nose in a book during the year’s warmest months.

So, whether you’re looking for something to read on vacation, at the beach, or on your couch, or whether you want to make sure your kids or grandkids stay sharp and build their literacy skills during the break, we have a challenge and a club for you.

Adult Summer Reading Challenge

The 8th Annual Adult Summer Reading Challenge runs June 1 through August 31.

The rules are the same as past challenges, this year with a fresh round of 25 categories (the categories will be unveiled June 1). You can do all of them or only one, or anything in between, just as long as you have fun reading!

The rules are simple and there are only two: 

  1. Categories may only be fulfilled once.
  2. Each book can only be used for one category.

Once you have read a book that fulfills a category, you can submit it via the form on our website (also available starting June 1) and track your progress on our leaderboard.

The leaderboard is where you can see what everyone else is reading and give recommendations to our community of readers. You can also join our Westport Reading Challenge Facebook Group and talk books all summer long.

Why should you join the challenge? Because as Rita L., one of last year’s participants, said: “The Westport Library’s Summer Reading Challenge is one of the best in the state! I love seeing what everyone else is reading and getting ideas about books that I end up LOVING but never would have read otherwise! Reading is my favorite hobby, and the Summer Reading Challenge takes me to the next level every year!”

Kids’ Summer Reading Club 2024

Starting Saturday, June 1, children may sign up for our Summer Reading Program, which continues through Labor Day weekend, wrapping up September 2.

Read anything, anytime, anywhere all summer long.

Register online and keep track of minutes read. For every 100 minutes, you can decorate a summer sun that will be displayed in the Library. Earn a treat from Shake Shack at 500 minutes. When you reach 1,000 minutes, you can choose a book to keep from our selection of titles.

For more summer fun and prizes, stop in the Children’s Library to play summer bingo and earn more free books.

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