Lisa Cloherty  

Lisa is an author of children's books and a pediatric speech-language pathologist. Her debut picture book, Katie Spector the Art Collector was released in September 2021 with Charming Books Press and was followed by Terrance the Hothead in March 2022 by The American Speech Language Hearing Association Press (ASHA Press). While other kids were out playing soccer or acting in the school play, Lisa was dreaming up stories and poems. Her grandfather was never without a pencil and slip of paper. He fostered her love of books and writing. When he came as an honored author to Lisa's third grade class, her dream of becoming a writer was solidified.

Most of Lisa's stories revolve around community, family and self-acceptance.

Event & Book Info

Book:  Katie Spector The Art Collector
Genre: Children
Panel: Just Be… Just Listen, Just Create,
Just imagine, Just Be You!
Date: Sept. 10
Time: 10 am
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