StoryFest 2020

Due to the ongoing impact of the coronavirus pandemic, StoryFest 2020 is going virtual. From September 15 - September 29, we will premiere 13 live and pre-recorded events. These events will feature top authors and creators in genre fiction, comics, young adult fiction, and middle grade fiction. In cross-genre panels, they will explore the big ideas at the heart of telling stories in today's world.

September 15

8:30 PM: Beyond Stoker: Contemporary Visions of Vampires in Fiction
Featuring Gwendolyn Kiste, Michelle Renee Lane and L. Marie Wood

September 17

7:00 PM: Displays of Affection: How Love Stories Reflect the World
Panelists: Sarah MacLean, Adriana Herrera, Nikki Woolfolk, Kennedy Ryan, Alexis Daria, Joanna Shupe

September 18

7:00 PM: What the Dark Teaches Us
Panelists: Benjamin Percy, Rachel Harrison, Rob Hart, Errick Nunnally, Emma J. Gibbon, Dennis E. Staples

September 21

7:00 PM: How the Story Tells Itself: The Unexpected Narrative
Panelists: Kate Racculia, Clay McLeod Chapman, Abby Collette
8:30 PM: In Our Next Issue: Comics and the New Worlds In Their Pages
Panelists: Rob Guillory, Sara Richard, Sina Grace

September 22

7:00 PM: Then and Now: How History Shapes Stories for the Present
Panelists: Alma Katsu, Lauren Willig, Kelli Jo Ford, Martha Hall Kelly, Nina Sankovitch, Jessica Guess

September 23

7:00 PM: World in the Mirror: How Genre Imagines the Present
Panelists: Tochi Onyebuchi, Charlie Jane Anders, Sarah Gailey, Stephen Graham Jones, Paul Tremblay

September 24

7:00 PM: Final Cuts: New Tales of Hollywood Horror and Other Spectacles
Featuring Ellen Datlow, Stephen Graham Jones, A. C. Wise, John Langan, Laird Barron, Christopher Golden, Josh Malerman

Tuesday, September 29

Through sharing their thoughts about the power of reading, these authors will model how books can teach young readers about the world and themselves, specifically with regard to discussing stories of empathy, courage, adventure, and heart.
Featuring Janae Marks, Lorien Lawrence, James Bird, Adrianna Cuevas, AJ Sass, and Supriya Kelkar. Moderator: Shannon Doleski
6:00 PM: Valuing the Spectrum of Identities in YA
These authors have embraced diverse characters with regard to race, class, gender, and queerness in YA by centering stereotypically marginalized characters. In doing so, they have given voice to their audience’s diverse spectrum of identities.
Featuring Jenny Lee, Tobly McSmith, Mintie Das, Leah Johnson, and Natasha Diaz
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