Westport Library Adult Summer Reading Challenge Returns for Year 7

Thu, Jun 1, 2023
EJ Crawford

The Westport Library Adult Summer Reading Challenge returns for its seventh year in 2023, replete with a fresh set of categories to keep you reading from its June 1 kickoff through the end of August.

That means three months — 92 days — to complete the 25 challenges in this year’s contest. (Full list of categories below.)

“Summer Reading Challenge time is my absolute favorite part of the year,” said Westport Library Reference Manager Melanie Kelly. “The best part is reading something wonderful that I might not have picked up if I hadn’t needed to fit it into a challenge category. It is kismet for books! And there is no pressure. You can do all of the categories or only one, or anything in between, just as long as you have fun reading!”

The challenge itself is simple: Fulfill one of the designated categories and then submit your result via the form available on The Westport Library website. (Click here to access the form.) And check back to the running leaderboard to track your progress, see what everyone else is reading, and provide recommendations to the Library’s community of readers.

The only rules are that each category may be fulfilled only once, and each book you read can be used for only one category.

In addition, join the Westport Reading Challenge Facebook group to talk books all summer long.

2023 Summer Reading Challenge

Westport Library 2023 Summer Reading Challenge

Read a book …

__ about an antihero

__ that blows your mind

__ about a character in disguise

__ about an escape

__ that takes place in an extreme climate

__ with eyes on the cover

__ that was first runner-up

__ about a golden age

__ that haunts you

__ that you heard about at the Library

__ featuring a librarian

__ in which the location is intrinsic to the story

__ with a neurodiverse protagonist

__ with a nonhuman narrator

__ about a podcast

__ that is published THIS summer

__ with a purple cover

__ recommended by a librarian

__ about a road trip

__ that is short

__ that SHOULD be a movie or a show

__ with a star on the cover

__ that takes place during a holiday

__ in which the time is running out

__ that takes place under the sea

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