Westport Library Prioritizes the Patron Experience in Launching New Homepage

Mon, Sep 25, 2023
EJ Crawford

Navigating The Westport Library website has never been easier.

The homepage for westportlibrary.org has been fully redesigned, with a new look and feel and a fresh design to make finding what you need easier, more intuitive, and more rewarding.

Among the highlights of the new design are a simplified menu and a robust footer so patrons can more easily access the Library’s core offerings. The redesigned homepage also offers a primary content space at the top of the page for increased engagement, more ways than ever before to discover upcoming Library events and existing Library assets, and breakout boxes highlighting current Library content such as reference guides, videos, podcasts, news, and more.

The redesign also creates a user experience that is responsive and accessible, an important element in making sure that the Library’s front-facing digital platform is open to all.

“These changes were all made with our patrons in mind,” said Bill Harmer, Westport Library executive director. “Through months of thoughtful planning and collecting feedback, we worked to create the optimal experience to find what you need as well as all the things we offer that you never knew you needed. It’s a great advertisement for all the services and programs that the Library offers, and the right entry point to engage with us on whatever level you would like.”

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